Wow Where is the New Year Going

Posted January 24th, 2011 by Cheryl

I can’t believe it is the endof January already.  Things around here have been busy with cleaning up after the holidays, birthdays, hockey games, and home fix ups (thankfully the furnace broke after the really cold snap;). 

However, now it is time to get back on track.  This month I started a new routine for DyeCauldron that feels sustainable given our busy life and my desire to create quality products.  As you will see Mondays are going to be very important over the next year. 

 The 1st Monday of each month is dedicated to cleaning up the Etsy shop.  I will be putting a special theme section up to hopefully inspire you for the upcoming month and moving products into the sale section.

The 2ndMonday of the month is dedicated to producing and distributing the newsletter.  If you haven’t already signed up please do so.  This is the best way to see sneak peeks of new colourways andfind out about upcoming specials.

The 3rd Monday is the best one…the Etsy Shop update will take place at 9:00 am MST.   This year I will be focusing on larger dye lots and not so many colours with each update.  If you have colourways you would really like to see on a particular base please e-mail or convo me so I can add them to my dye plan.

Lastly the 4th Monday is when I will make use of this website.  My goal is to keep something new on the blog, update the class offerings and create an on-line catalogue for you to browse for colourway and base yarn ideas.

Now it’s back to the cauldron to start on some special orders I couldn’t get to last week as my laundry room/dye space was full of kitchen stuff as the plumbing was re-done in the kitchen to make room for a new dish washer and garburator.  I hope February is much quieter on the home front.

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