Welcome to the Okanagan

Posted September 27th, 2011 by Cheryl

It has been way to long since I’ve blogged.  Something to do with moving 600 kms to the west of the Rockies has side tracked me. 

So here I sit looking out into the backyard of our rental home in Kelowna watching the quail and loving the warmth and sunshine in September.  I think it will be some time before the snow flies here, which is a good thing since I’m now dyeing outside in a little canvas tent structure.  It’s only blown over once in the wind over the weekend but is now firmly anchored.  I’ve managed to get out one little yarn update last week.  It included the start of a new colourway collection ” What’s Your Sign”.  Yes, I’m delving into astrology.  Virgo and Libra are done.  Next up is Scorpio.  It has been interesting to read up on the colours associated with the signs and try to create a colourway with them.  Here’s a peek.

Virgo Classic Sock is a blend of navy, bark brown, and foliage greens.

I’m hoping to blog a little more often now that the boys are in school full time.  Keep coming back for more updates and teasers. 
Happy knitting,


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