Returning to School!!!

Posted January 23rd, 2012 by Cheryl

Well the day has arrived.  I’ve official begun my studies to get back into nursing.  It is going to be time consuming but well worth it in the end.  In the mean time, DyeCauldron will not be forgotten, just shifting its focus until I have more time.  For 2012 I will be focusing mostly on the Full Moon Sock Yarn Club and custom dye work, including group and wholesale accounts.  Being able to plan out my dye time is going to be very valuable this year as I struggle to manage my time.  I will be posting small lots of hand dyed items into the Etsy Shop from time to time, and I will keep the newsletter coming out so you can keep up to date with how things are going.  Remember, if you see something in the gallery that you would like I can dye it up so just contact me directly at

Thanks for your support and understanding this year,



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